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U2’s iPod Strategy – Rolling Stone, November 25, 2004
Band partners with Apple to promote its new single “Vertigo” with TV ads and a special iPod.

Wal-Mart Battles Labels Over CD Prices – Rolling Stone, October 28, 2004
The nation’s biggest record retailer wants to sell CDs at al 3,400 of its stores for less than $10, and record companies don’t like it.

CD Prices on the Rise Again – Rolling Stone, June 10, 2004
Universal promised $12.98 CDs. So why is D12 almost $20?

Labels Owe $50 Million – Rolling Stone, June 10, 2004
Thousands of artists to receive back royalties

Avril, 50 Reap DVD Success – Rolling Stone, March 4, 2004
Artists, labels turn to video format for sales boost

Apple Backlash – Rolling Stone, February 5, 2004
While iPods are still a hit, some users complain of faulty batteries

2003 Comes Alive – Rolling Stone, February 5, 2004
Classic-rock acts lead a record year in the concert business

Song Pluggers – Rolling Stone, January 22, 2004
Wal-Mart, Coke and MTV get in the online music biz

Can Porn Kill File-Sharing? – Rolling Stone, October 2, 2003
Record labels trying a new tack to shut down P2P networks

Downloaders Fighting Back – Rolling Stone, September 26, 2003
Despite lawsuits, traffic on file-sharing sites is booming

Downloader “Doe” Fights RIAA – Rolling Stone, September 10, 2003
Kazaa user invokes her right to privacy in face of lawsuit

Double Trouble – Bullseye, August 2003
Outkast’s new album delivers the best of both worlds
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Digital Music Wars Heat Up – Rolling Stone, July 28, 2003
New online music sites compete with Apple’s iTunes

Eminem’s Empire – Rolling Stone, July 24, 2003
Em Inc. is expanding beyond CDs, live shows and movies with a record label, DVDs, video games, clothing – but still no “8 Mile” beer.

Apple Gets Indie Bands – Rolling Stone, July 10, 2003
Deals could make iTunes the ultimate music store.

Napster Returns – Rolling Stone, June 26, 2003
New legal version aims to compete with iTunes.

Apple’s Big Hit – Rolling Stone, June 12, 2003
Online store sells more than 2 million songs in two weeks.

99-cent Downloads! – Rolling Stone, May 29, 2003
And it’s legal. Apple introduces a new, simple – and cheap – way of getting music online.

All The Rave: The Rise And Fall Of Shawn Fanning’s Napster. By Joseph Menn. – Rolling Stone, May 1, 2003
Review of new book about Napster.

Trading Music? You’re Busted. – Rolling Stone, April 17, 2003
One of the record labels’ toughest challenges is convincing music fans that file sharing is illegal.

Common Law – Bullseye, February 2003
Love reigns supreme in this hip hop artist’s domain.
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“It’s Gonna Be More Bloodshed” – Blender, November, 2002
Could an article blaming Biggie for killing Tupac spark gang wars?

Wyclef Arrested – Rolling Stone, July 25, 2002
Hip-Hop artists protest New York school budget cuts

CD Burning: How the Labels are Trying to Stop You – Rolling Stone, June 20, 2002
Fans protest as the record labels experiment with copy-protecting music

The Labels’ Losing Battle – Rolling Stone, May 23, 2002
A History of Digital Music (Timeline)

The Day the (Pirated) Music Died – Fortune, November 26, 2001
The industry’s plan for copy-proof CDs.

Digital Music Fans Face a Battle of the Bands – Fortune, October 29, 2001
The major labels are unveiling two competing online music services

Roadrunner Records – New York Magazine, October 22, 2001
In the hit and miss music business, the metalheads at Roadrunners consistently rack up sales. Now aligned with Island Def Jam, can this quiet but dangerous company crank it up a notch?

Prince of All Media – Inside Magazine, March 30, 2001
Just in time for the post-Napster world, the eccentric purple one has unveiled a new music subscription site. Does his NPG Music Club have the funk to lead artists into revolution?

O-Town: Building the Perfect Boy Band – Inside Magazine, January 31, 2001
An unapologetically prefab fivesome culled from 1,800 hopefuls on an ABC reality show is the most cunningly marketed, cross-platformed boy band ever. Can the efforts of Clive Davis, teen-pop impresario Lou Pearlman and radio giant Clear Channel create the new ‘N Sync? Band debuts at #5 on this week’s charts.

Behind Big Bucks ‘N Sync-MSN Deal, a Secret Backroom Fixer –, December 21, 2000
Legendary Aerosmith manager Steve Leber, now teamed with dot-com ad network MusicVision, dreams up a potential $20-$30 million deal between the world’s biggest boy band and software company.

Universal Fires First Strike in Music Subscription War, but AOL Has Finger Poised on Button –, October 27, 2000
With Version 6.0, America Online is primed to roll out a Napsteresque service to go with its new media player. Will the labels play along, or follow their own path?

With Radiohead’s Kid A, Capitol Busts Out of Big-Time Slump. (Thanks, Napster.) –, October 11, 2000
The band that would not be promoted oddly finds itself at the top of the charts as a record company in the dumps tries harnessing the power of the Internet.

The Offspring: Enfants Terribles in the Age of Napster –, September 30, 2000
The band’s plans to give away its new album online well before the official release have people at Columbia secretly thrilled and publicly peeved. And everyone’s wondering whether this radical test case will transform record marketing for good.

Exposed! The Secret Committee That Selects the Now Compilation CDs –, September 15, 2000
A multi-conglomerate, transnational collection of music execs has turned a kitschy, late-night staple into an industry powerhouse. Let the knockoffs begin.

Napster and Majors Play Chicken With the Future –, August 2, 2000
Both sides could benefit if they just sat down and talked things out — you know, rapped — but arrogance and short-sightedness keep getting in the way.

Disney, McDonald’s…Napster: What’s a Brand Worth, Anyway? –, July 14, 2000
Take away the free music from the site and what’s left — software, a famous name and a cool logo. That could still be worth millions.

Wallet Out, Finds Many Upturned Hands –, June 14, 2000
After winning over two of the majors, company finds publishers looking to be paid once, twice, three times per recording.

Napster is rocking the music industry – U.S.News & World Report, March 6, 2000
The popular web site has powerful enemies.

They want their MP3 – U.S.News & World Report, July 16, 1999
The popular online music distributor gets ready to rock Wall Street with an IPO.

Internet Music – U.S.News & World Report, March 29, 1999
The song doesn’t remain the same.